Narration refers to story telling as an art, which also includes explaining or telling something.

Usually accompanied by voice over service, EgyTranscript provides wide range of narration services.

EgyTranscript Arabic narrators have profound experience in Arabic narration with its different dialects and accents. They are capable of providing you with the best service, creating an appropriate pace and tone, while keeping your audience interested and engaged.

Whether it is a documentary, short video, or business products, narration is substantial for the success of the production.

This is especially true when the content of the film is little or just images, which demands a very skillful narrator to engage the audience and keep them interested throughout its duration.

Our talented narrators usually work after feeling totally informed with the topic or the subject and special requirements of the assignment.

We work in diversity of fields, and provide diversity of narration services; we can also provide background music, sound effects, video editing, and other related services upon request.

English and Arabic Narration Service

EgyTranscript promises to be your unique voice; offering cost-effective, professional, and timely service.

Narration at EgyTranscript encompasses many fields like videos, documentaries, e-learning sessions, audio tour guides, news reports, company profiles, sales material, and presentations.

In EgyTranscript, we have Arabic and English narrator voice talents that you can rely on. They are also professional linguists who understand language structures and styles and can express different language pairs efficiently.

They are capable of choosing the right tone and pace for your script that will help you to convey your message easily and smoothly.

 They know very well when to pause and when to stress. Our male and female Arabic and English narrator voices have different natures (deep, energetic, formal, and clear) and are of different age groups that will surely fit your production.

In addition to narration, we can provide voice over and dubbing services for movies, advertisements, and other productions.

Our carefully selected team of Arabic and English narrators is well trained and has what it takes to provide you with the best English and Arabic narration service you can need for your work, covering a wide range of disciplines and branches of art and business.


In EgyTranscript, we are specialized in various regional Arabic narration accents.

As you might know, classical Arabic pronunciation slightly differs from one region to the other in the Arab world. At EgyTranscript, we provide you with Arabic narrators whose accent will appeal to your audience. This is a work of art that needs careful selection and a well-trained team with an eye for details. This is exactly what we do our best to provide our clients with.


Sometimes your audience is a mix of Arabs, Asians, Europeans, America, and Africans, so it is most appropriate to talk to them in English. Here comes the role of the English narrator, who will convey your message as original and authentic as possible.

Does your script need translation before narration?

You have reached the right agency for your purpose. Our expert script translators will deliver your text to the target language as exact and authentic as the original, maintaining the same length of time taken in both cases.

Our team has profound experience in translating scripts for narration purposes, rendering the translation a mirror of the original text, taking into consideration cultural sensitivities and considerations.

One important factor for our excellent service is using the best recording equipment, which helps the production process.

If you have a narration assignment, whether Arabic narration or narration in another language, contact our team and choose the best voice that suits your production; be always sure that your script will be handled with utmost care and professionalism.

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