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Professional Translators

Professional Translators Team EgyTranscript is one of the leading translation agencies in Egypt and the region. We are very careful while choosing our team of translators, who must be experts, not just bilinguals; totally mastering both source and target languages. Why EgyTranscript Translation? Our translators are well trained and have gained considerable experience that let…
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Communication Translation

Professional Communication and Correspondence translation Service No doubt outreaching to more audience and customers is a core goal for almost every business, and communication can be the magic wand for spreading the word more and more. Communication overseas however needs more than good intentions, it needs an accurate message and marketing oriented tone; it needs a…
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Document Translation

Professional Document Translation Services Many people would mix document translation Services with machine translation, well, it is not! We mean here by document translation, transmitting written text from one language to another through human effort. Although many companies offer translation services, EgyTranscript can always provide the best services with the most cost effective packages. A good translation…
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Desktop Publishing DTP Service What is Desktop Publishing (DTP) Service? It is designing and producing high quality publications, using specialized computer software. This specific software combines text and graphics, so to produce the desired format for print, web, or mobile phones; this service is usually needed while publishing books, brochures, business cards, and web pages,…
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