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Welcome to our subtitling Service Page, where we will introduce you to EgyTranscript’s art of subtitling! If you have a movie/cartoon/documentary/short video that you need to translate to another language, you can do that through providing subtitles that will be added to the video or the movie so the audience can better comprehend the content
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Voice Over

Welcome to our Voice over Service Page! Voice-over is a production technique using a voice of unseen narrator; it is used in TV and radio productions, movies, and theatre. A voice over service is not only about the nature of the speaking voice, it is also about how this voice pronounces the message given and…
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Video subtitiling

Professional Movies and Video Subtitling Service With the growing interest of photographing and filming both for amateurs and professionals, infinite number of videos are produced and uploaded daily on the internet all over the world through Youtube, Facebook, among other channels.  In this regards, videos subtitles have different objectives, for instance it helps outreaching to hearing…
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Documentaries subtitling

Professional Documentaries Subtitling Services Subtitles are the written translation of the spoken language (source language) of a television program or film into the language of the audience (the target language). Subtitling is a unique form of translation entitling more than just translating text from one language to another; it’s also the transfer from oral to…
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