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Sound system

Professional Sound System Rental Service in Egypt EgyTranscript is the lead company in sound system rental in Egypt and the region; We have long experience with providing different events with sound systems that respond to their needs and requirements, while helping our clients with the setup and technical support throughout the event. we have long experience with…
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Conference translation booth

Conference Translation Equipment Rental Service in Egypt EgyTranscript’s conference translation equipment rental in Egypt provides you with necessary tools that enable conference interpreters to listen to the event discussions and instantly translate them into the ears of the participants in a different language through headphones. Needless to say that buying such equipment for only one…
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Tour guide translation system

دTour Guide System Rental Service in Egypt! EgyTranscript offers a wide range of tour guide system rental in Egypt that caters for different customers’ needs. No doubt wireless tour guide system is unprecedented tool that highly assists communication between different participants during a tour, an exhibition, or a meeting, where the attendees don’t exceed 25 participants.…
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