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Desktop (DTP) Publishing Service What is Desktop Publishing (DTP)? It is designing and producing high quality publications, using specialized computer software. This specific software combines text and graphics, so to produce the desired format for print, web, or mobile phones; this service is usually needed while publishing books, brochures, business cards, and web pages, among…
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EgyTranscript considers translation an art it masters and a profession it thoroughly understands. Translation incorporates comprehensive understanding of the source language - including terminology, grammar, cultural connotations, and source text subject matter - and a flawless rendering of all that into the target language in a manner that looks, and is indeed, authentic.
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Certified Translators

Certified Translators Team EgyTranscript is one of the leading certified translation company based in Dokki district in Cairo, Egypt, with a renowned team of certified Arabic translators. We are very careful while choosing our team of translators, who must be experts, not merely bilinguals; totally mastering both source and target languages. If you are seeking…
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Certified translation

Certified English and Arabic Translation  What is certified translation anyways? Certified Translation is a translation where the translator declares its accuracy and completeness; while testifying his/her ability to translate that particular document, which must be signed by the translator. EgyTranscript is capable of providing both certified English translation and Arabic ones. Most legal and immigration…
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