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Meeting Translation

Professional Meeting Translation Service Living in the era of globalization, business meetings are certainly not the going the classic way where all attendees coming from the same background; many meetings are held among different nationalities and languages. Here comes meeting interpreting which is much needed in both small and large scale business meetings. At EgyTranscript, we have…
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Seminar Translation

Professional Seminar interpretation Service Seminar interpretation refers to interpretation process taking place in seminars; which can be either simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Seminar interpreters’ team usually comprises two or three interpreters according to number of languages involved and the duration of the seminar, among other factors. Interpreters working together should be competent with the ability…
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Workshop Translation

Our Workshop Translation Service Referred by some as workshop translation, workshop interpretation is translating speakers’ words during a workshop to other attendees from different backgrounds in order to facilitate communication and interaction. Workshop translation or interpretation is even more crucial than conference interpretation; this is due to the interactive nature of most workshops, where participants…
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Conference Translation

Arabic English conference interpreters No doubt communication is one of the main goals in any conference or business meeting, and in case of having attendees from different countries and backgrounds; interpretation is always a key to achieve desired communication. At EgyTranscript, we have highly qualified Arabic English conference interpreters, who master both Arabic and English…
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