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Whisper Chuchotage

Chuchotage and Whisper Interpreting Service Chuchotage is a French word for whispering, and whisper interpreting Is a form of interpretation where the interpreter stands or sits right next to the listener(s), whispering the speaker’s words in a different language. It doesn’t require special tools or equipment, it is usually implemented when only one or two…
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Professional Consecutive Translation/Interpreting Service Consecutive interpretation, wrongly known as consecutive translation is a role played by a talented interpreter to communicate a message from one language to another in segments, usually with the aid of notes. Through this mode of interpretation, the interpreter usually works closely with the speaker, where the latter allows a pause…
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Simultaneous Interpretation Service EgyTranscript, where you get the best simultaneous Interpretation /translation Simultaneous interpretation, known by many as simultaneous translation is orally translating speakers’ words from a source to a target language as they speak. Two interpreters usually work on simultaneous interpretation while sitting in a soundproofed booth. They listen to the speakers through headphones and…
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Interpretation service

 Interpretation service EgyTranscript , where you can get the best Arabic English interpretation service   We are one of the leading interpretation (interpreting) companies in the Middle East, based in Cairo, Egypt, the heart of the MENA region; we are committed to providing the highest quality methods and equipment. We can help you choose the interpretation…
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