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What is localization? It is the process of tailoring certain product for specific market, country, or region. And when it comes to language localization it refers to adapting translated material to be in line with the target audience cultural norms, which requires comprehensive study of the target culture in order to correctly adapt the product…
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Marketing localization

Professional Marketing & Social Media Localization Services Marketing localization is substantial for all companies whether they address local or International audience; where delivering accurate information while adapting the content to the audience culture is a must. Sometimes referred to as ‘transcreation’, the process involves both translation and culture adapting of the content. Localizing a marketing…
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Media localization

 Media Files Localization Service Media localization is all about conveying the message to audience from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds, and they grasp the information within. EgyTranscript offers wide range of media localization services that can respond to different clients and industries, promising precise and high quality outcome. A well localized message will carry the same…
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Website localization

Professional Website Localization Service EgyTranscript provides a full array of website localization services across different languages; always taking into account cultural background of the target audience. EgyTranscript can help you transfer your website content across different languages; keeping your message intact, concise, and clear. If you are outreaching to diversity of audience from various languages and cultures…
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