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The Best Arabic Translation agency Welcome to EgyTranscript, the best Arabic translation agency!  Since it has been an idea in the mind and soul of the owner, EgyTranscript has a definite goal to match the highest linguistic standards of the translated work and to build a team of knowledgeable professional translators and interpreters; keeping EgyTranscript always the best Arabic translation agency.…
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Founder Statement

Best translation company Welcome to EgyTranscript, the best translation Company in Egypt EgyTranscript is one of the best translation Companies you can find in Egypt, the MENA region, and globally. Founded in 2007 by a professional interpreter, EgyTranscript strived to provide excellent quality and professional translation and interpretation services that proved to be up to the standards, meeting…
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Your preferred Arabic into English Translation Company in Egypt! With headquarters in Egypt, specialized in Arabic into English translation company and vice versa, among other language pairs it works with. It offers professional certified services to meet all your requirements in the fields of translation, interpretation, voice over, subtitling, transcription, proofreading and editing, DTP, copywriting, localization,…
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