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Website Translation Services

Website Translation Services Websites are by far very influential communication tools that act to outreach to users, clients, and customers, etc. If we add that most websites now have different pages, featuring the same content but in different languages; this result in unprecedented way of doubling the target audience. For some businesses, it is fundamental…
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Arabic Translators

Arabic Translators Arabic translators are increasingly needed for translation jobs; whether it is full time, part time, or freelance. Arabic translators are available almost everywhere, nevertheless, some Arabic translation services need very competent Arabic linguist rather than a translator. If you are looking for instance for dubbing service for a movie, video, or a documentary;…
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Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter?

Who is a competent Arabic Interpreter? English Arabic interpretation is one of sensitive fields that need extreme care and precision; where there is no correction possible after words are uttered. It is further sensitive because an interpreter would translate Arabic to English for numerous attendees in a conference or a meeting; this makes a small…
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Translation Glossary, What is that?

Translation Glossary, What is that? Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms in a specific knowledge field, with their definitions. This is what you see at the end of a book, including new, uncommon, or specialized terms. A glossary in the translation context however is a bit different, it is not about clarifying uncommon terms…
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