It is a form of interpretation service where the interpreter stands or sits right next to the listener(s), whispering the speaker’s words in a different language.
It doesn’t require special tools or equipment, it is usually implemented when only one or two participants cannot understand the speaker’s language, which makes consecutive interpreting time consuming and simultaneous interpreting unnecessarily expensive
Whisper interpreting should be limited to very few listeners, not more than four, otherwise, the interpreter will raise his/her voice which will interrupt the listening of the rest of the audience and the concentration of the speaker.
This task is tiring and needs highly qualified and talented personnel with strong linguistic skills and abilities, as well as the capability of great concentration needed to be able to listen, translate, and then speak.
The interpreter usually sits leaned towards the recipient, speaking directly into his/her ears.

Chuchotage Whisper


Whisper interpreting requires only one interpreter and no equipment, headphones, microphones, or booths; which makes it cost effective and time-saving.

It is usually used in conferences, seminars, and meetings with few people in need of a translator, and is conducted in only one language.

The listener, in this case, is also entitled to concentrate on the translation provided, not the speaker’s voice.

An important skill for whisper interpretation is prolonged voice control, which demands constant voice tone throughout the interpretation procedure.

It is always recommended to provide the interpreter with some background information about the subject of the conference or the event; this will help him/her understand the context and any technical terms involved, hence be more prepared.

Chuchotage is a very special and sophisticated service that requires the ultimate concentration of the interpreter and the recipients.

The interpreter speaks softly but at a very low volume, to be audible by the recipients while not interfering with other attendees. Placing the interpreter in close proximity with the recipient(s) will highly facilitate the whisper translation in this case.


Whisper interpreting is becoming increasingly popular as it can serve as replacing simultaneous interpretation in some cases, especially when the recipients are only listening and wouldn’t contribute to the discussion. It is also less expensive and requires no tools or equipment.

Known by some people as whisper meeting translator, the interpreter might sit or stand next to or behind the recipient(s), listening to the source language and simultaneously whispers it in the target language.

Due to its nature, whisper can be used in meetings where a translator is hired to help a few attendees who do not understand the language of the speaker(s).

At EgyTranscript, we have well trained and extremely professional whisper interpreters who have profound experience in different fields of translating and interpreting various subjects and technical fields.

They can provide excellent chuchotage with the right voice tone and volume; ensuring clear message without interrupting the concentration of the speaker or other attendees.

It sounds easy but it is very rare to find competent whisper interpreters in real life who master fine details that characterize the EgyTranscript professional team.

Although Chuchotage is usually done in person with no tools or equipment involved, sometimes it involves simple low-cost wireless equipment to reach out to a bigger audience.

In this case, participants wear headphones and the interpreter directly talks into a wireless microphone.

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